The 5 Most Special Cinemas in Istanbul
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The 5 Most Special Cinemas in Istanbul

Created : 23 Jan 2023
The 5 Most Special Cinemas in Istanbul

By Justin Mays:

Do you like going to the cinema? For many, it has always been a wonderful experience in itself: choosing a movie, buying the best popcorn, and ending up in a good restaurant. Sounds like a perfect plan, especially during the colder days of the year and the weekend. For all those movie lovers, for those who still prefer the heat of the theaters instead of turning on Netflix, Istanbul has something prepared. Luckily, the metropolis has historical cinemas, but also others that are not so classic, which offer their clients almost futuristic experiences.

If you have seen a movie that has caught your attention on the billboard or if you have been wanting to go to the cinema for a long time and be surprised by any director, here we show you the five most special cinemas in Istanbul. We hope you like them!

Kadikoy Sinemasi

The first cinema we present to you is the Kadikoy Sinemasi, one of the oldest theaters in this district. It was built in 1964, with the intention that it would function as a theater during the summers and as a cinema during the winters. Decades later, in 2019, it was acquired by the businesswoman Funda Kocadag, who decided to restore it and use it only as a cinema. Currently, the cinema has a total capacity of 318 people and stands out for the beautiful futuristic aesthetics of its main hall. Also, keep in mind that Kadikoy is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Istanbul, so it can always be a good plan to see a movie in this cinema and then go for a walk and have dinner around the district.

Atlas Sinemasi

Secondly, we introduce you to Atlas Sinemasi, an old cinema that was built in 1948 on the famous Istiklal street, in the Beyoglu district. This cinema stands out mainly for its aesthetics, as it has a style reminiscent of ancient theaters. Currently, it has three different rooms, with a capacity of 500, 130, and 85 people. Despite its classic style, it is possible to watch 3D movies on Atlas Sinemasi. In addition, it is worth mentioning that this establishment usually hosts several film festivals, bringing together hundreds of lovers of the seventh art every year.

Cinemaximum CITY’s Nisantasi

Thirdly, we want to recommend you go to Cinemaximum CITY's Nisantasi, one of the most comfortable cinemas you will find in the metropolis. The most curious and special thing about this establishment is that the seats in some of its rooms were designed by Ferrari, an unmistakable detail since they are covered in the mythical red color of the popular Italian manufacturer. This cinema is located in the Nisantasi neighborhood and has seven rooms, as well as a luxurious lobby of 700 square meters. Also, it should be mentioned that this neighborhood is popular for having hundreds of stores of the most luxurious brands.

Beyoglu Sinemasi

On the other hand, we want to talk about Beyoglu Sinemasi, also known as Pera Sinemasi, another of the oldest cinemas in Istanbul, as it was built and opened in 1989. When this establishment was first opened, it had a maximum capacity of 300 spectators. Over the years, it ended up becoming a landmark establishment in the Beyoglu district, hosting premieres of famous films, colloquiums, and workshops. Since 1994, this cinema has been part of Eurimages, a cultural support fund of the Council of Europe. This recognition is not surprising, as Beyoglu Sinemasi has screened over 3,000 independent films from around the world.

Capitol Spectrum Cineplex

Finally, we want to talk about the Capital Spectrum Cineplex, a cinema located in the Capitol Shopping Mall, in the Uskudar district. We consider this to be one of the most special cinemas in Istanbul due to the design of its halls. Some of them have a Dolby Atmos sound system, a curved screen so you can enjoy the movie from any angle, and really comfortable armchairs. The best of all is the VIP Room, which has super modern and comfortable armchairs that even look like sofas.

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