Most Beautiful Palaces in Istanbul
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Most Beautiful Palaces in Istanbul

Created : 24 Dec 2022
Most Beautiful Palaces in Istanbul

By Justin Mays:

Istanbul is, without a doubt, one of the most historic cities in the world. And how can it be otherwise, this is reflected mainly in its architecture and its monuments. It is impossible not to be amazed by any mosque, just as it is difficult not to be amazed every time one enters a cistern. The same thing happens, for many, when they visit one of the palaces of the metropolis.

They are elegant and majestic places, which invite you to imagine how the lives of the people who lived in these palaces must have been. They are spaces with thousands of details, with huge rooms, countless chandeliers, and beautiful windows. Upon entering, one is aware of the high purchasing power and the great impact that the sultans had at that time.

If you want to feel like you are part of history, here are the details of some of the most popular and beautiful palaces in Istanbul. We hope you like them!

Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace is one of the most famous sites in Istanbul. This palace, which is located on the banks of the Bosphorus, was built in 1853 by the Ottoman Sultan Abdulmecit. It is a really huge construction, which in addition to offering dozens and dozens of rooms, also has spectacular gardens.

The interior of the palace is decorated in a European baroque style and it also contains some touches of oriental style. The size of the rooms and the multitude of details they contain are a hint of the high purchasing power of the time.

But for many, the most spectacular thing about this palace is the views of the Bosphorus from the palace's back gardens.

Cirigan Palace

Cirigan Palace is located between the districts of Besiktas and Ortakoy. It is a spectacular site, which usually attracts people for its striking beauty, as with the Dolmabahce Palace. Although this palace was built in 1974 by the order of Sultan Abdulaziz, today it is used as a luxury hotel and a cultural center, where different events are organized.

Topkapi Palace

Surely you have heard dozens of times about the Topkapi Palace. It is located in the Sultanahmet area and is considered one of the richest museums in the world. In the beginning, it was the residence of various Ottoman sultans, but later it became the administrative and educational center of their empire.

Currently, in Topkapi Palace, one can see old seals, sultans' costumes, swords, thrones, books, jewelry, handicrafts, and inscriptions, among many other objects. In addition, the palace kitchen houses the best collection of Chinese porcelain in the world. It is an essential visit for anyone who steps into Istanbul.

Kucuksu Palace

In our list of the best palaces in Istanbul, we would also like to highlight the Kucuksu Palace, a spectacular space located near Anadolu Fort, in the Asian part of the metropolis and on the banks of the Bosphorus.

This palace was built in 1857, with the intention that the Ottoman sultans would spend short stays in its rooms. And for what? Well, because this palace, precisely, is close to the forests where these sultans used to hunt. Since their habitual residences were far from the hunting areas, they thought it would be a good idea if they could find accommodation around the forests.

Beylerbeyi Palace

Last but not least, we present the Beylerbeyi Palace, a space built in 1865. Like the previous palace, this one is also located in the Asian part of Istanbul, on the banks of the Bosphorus. The façade of this palace is spectacular, and it differs from other courts due to its beautiful gardens. In addition, in this palace, there are also several cafeterias and shops for tourists.

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