How to Choose Luxury Retreat Properties in Turkey - A Guide
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How to Choose Luxury Retreat Properties in Turkey

Created : 24 Jan 2023
How to Choose Luxury Retreat Properties in Turkey

By Justin Mays:

Luxury properties in Turkey, such as houses, villas, mansions, etc., have become investors' new preferred property type. While some may buy these deluxe homes to use them as a getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life every now and then, but some buy them to make a robust investment. Most end up renting them out to use them as a means of passive income and earn back the total cost of the property.

From villas with forest views and luxury penthouses in high-rise buildings to houses near beaches, Turkey has every kind of luxury property one could imagine. In this article, Prime Property Turkey goes into detail about how you can choose a luxury retreat property in Turkey.

Guide to Choosing Luxury Retreat Real Estate in Turkey

Whether you are looking for a property with modern architecture or a traditional style home, you can find it in Turkey. Ultimately, we recommend you work with a real estate consulting agency to assist you in your search. At Prime Property Turkey, we have a catalog of luxury properties of all types for homebuyers to explore. Work with us and make the investment of a lifetime!

Location is Everything

You can choose between the major cities in the country and the Mediterranean towns, depending on your preferences. Do you desire a home with a sea view or a studio apartment with an eye-catching city view? Are there any amenities you want at walking distance? Consider all these details when choosing your location.

Best Places in Turkey for Buying a Luxury Property

One of the places in Turkey growing in popularity among holiday homebuyers, especially Russians, and Europeans, is Alanya for its golden-sandy beaches and sunny weather. 

Kalkan is another amazing place to invest in a luxury home since its elevated status allows for properties to have amazing Mediterranean sea views. 

Furthermore, Ovacik in the Fethiye region also possesses many vacation homes that offer breathtaking mountainous views and allows homeowners to live close to the Mediterranean coast and enjoy the breezy Ovacik weather.

Istanbul has the best luxury property portfolio of all the major cities in Turkey. This city boasts a wide range of newly built luxury properties with nothing less than the most high-quality facilities. Give our blog on the Luxury Penthouses in Istanbul a read to see what we have to offer you. 

Don’t Forget the Specifications

Now that you have decided on the location, you should also decide on the specifications you want in your ideal luxury property. The type of facilities you want should be according to your lifestyle. 

For example, do you need a fitness center nearby, or do you desire concierge services for a comfortable lifestyle? Are you looking for a villa with a garden space to host gatherings and barbeques, or are you hunting for a property with an indoor pool? How many rooms should the property have to accommodate your family? All these details are essential for a worthwhile property purchase. 

Finalize Your Budget

Your budget should align with the ideal location and facilities you want to see in your luxury property. Additionally, it is best that you share this detail with your real estate agent as well as your specific requirements so they can help you narrow down your search to the properties best suited for you.

You can now start viewing properties alongside your agent.

Luxury Retreat Home Ideas in Turkey

Here are some hand-picked properties that are perfect for a luxury retreat:

  • The Four Winds project in Kadikoy, Istanbul, is a perfect choice for families who want modern residences with all the high-end facilities such as a sunbathing spot, concierge services, laundry services, etc. You can get all the details about this fantastic project here
  • The  Anthill Residence project is located right in the heart of Istanbul in the lively Bomonti area and brings unparalleled panoramic views of the Bosphorus to its residents.
  • The Wanda Vista project is another excellent choice located in Bagcilar, with ornately designed hotel suites boasting every facility from round-the-clock security to a spa, sauna and more.

In addition, you can also check out the mansions for sale in Turkey to get available options for unbelievable prices.

Get Acquainted With Our Services

We have an extensive list of luxury property types and offer multi-lingual real estate consulting services to work with clients from all nationalities. We consider all your instructions when curating property recommendations for you. Whether you are looking for living options or investment opportunities, we can help you make a purchase that exceeds your expectations. So contact us now to work with the leading consulting company.

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