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A Guide to Luxury Homes in Istanbul

Created : 23 Aug 2021
 Luxury Home in Istanbul

By. Justin Mays

Your Forerunner in Real Estate

High-quality villas designed for elite living are rapidly becoming the most sought-after property to invest in. These impressive villas you can own in Istanbul are in high demand as they are the Rolls Royce of the Turkish real estate market. 

Having a villa gives buyers and their families more privacy as well. Today’s post will be all about luxury homes and villas in Istanbul, Turkey and how Prime Property Turkey can help you get the luxury home of your dreams.

What Facilities Do Luxury Homes in Istanbul Have?

These elegant homes offer spacious landscaped gardens, private swimming pools and many more luxury facilities for those looking to raise a family or simply living a lavish lifestyle with the latest in home décor and design, which this type of portfolio consistently delivers.

Villas in Istanbul are not for the tight budget client. This is due to the Bosphorus shorefront adding some weight to the price tag of these properties. 

Another contributing factor to these heavy price tags is these splendid, magnificent mansions dating back to the Ottoman era and are under preservation status. 

Are There Any Budget-Friendly Villas in Turkey?

Villas in Istanbul can be purchased at more affordable prices for clients who want to buy a buy-to-let and earn income from holiday rentals. 

These gated luxury homes are low maintenance, as all owners contribute a maintenance fee towards the upkeep of shared amenities such as Olympic size swimming pools, gyms, saunas, on-site security, landscaped gardens, and concierge services.

What Does Prime Property Turkey Offer to Those  Looking To Buy Luxury Homes in Istanbul?

At Prime Property Turkey, they provide before, during, and aftersale services to their buyers.

Before-sale Services

Prime Property Turkey offers buyers a service through their portfolio of villas for sale in Istanbul to explore from the comfort of their homes, giving a complete description of key features. 

These include the reasons why the house stands out, detailed descriptions of the local neighborhood, and the districts these villas are in. 

They went even further in their portfolio to include examples of payment plans, how to buy property in Istanbul, and debt information about Istanbul real estate. 

They do their best to provide their buyers with projects keeping in view their budget and requirements for locations, number of rooms, facilities, etc.

No matter what your needs are, Prime Property Turkey will make sure you get your money’s worth.

During-sale Services

They also offer during-sale services by ensuring their buyers get payment discounts. They have a whole team trained to cater to diverse buyers through every step of the process and guide them in the right direction.

Moreover, they have an in-house legal team advising buyers on the legal process for buying real estate in Turkey.

The buyer does not need to be present during the whole buying process; they can transfer Power of Attorney (POA) to the lawyer who will help them through the buying process.

After-sale Services

Prime Property Turkey is the best among the rest because its team is always happy to provide services even after the sale has been completed. Their after-sale services are broad and are designed to fulfill varying buyer demands.

They can help buyers rent out their properties to fully vetted tenants while protecting their profitability.

Whether buyers need land-scaping done, need to acquire cleaning services, or want to boost the security of their property, Prime Property Turkey can connect buyers with all the right people and services.

Suppose a buyer is interested in hiring an interior designer to get their property renovated or furnish their empty space with brand new furniture. In that case, the Prime Property Turkey team can help buyers get all this done quickly and conveniently. 

How Does Prime Property Turkey Assist Its Clients?

“We have a one-on-one meeting with our clients before they purchase, to discuss their budget and what type of style they are looking for, which area will suit their lifestyle and what their needs are,” said the head of consulting for Prime Property Turkey. 

He added, “when there is uncertainty about which area to buy, we gladly take our clients on tour through ideal neighborhoods, shopping malls, transport links, schools, and much more.”

What Makes Prime Property Turkey Standout?

Prime Property Turkey’s success is based on total transparency and professionalism towards their clients; they have earned so much trust and referrals from their existing clients through a decade of outstanding real estate service. 

They also provide a Google Map location of the projects to interested buyers and disclose the developer’s name to the buyer. Prime Property Turkey only works with credible developers with a track record of providing premium projects.

As a reputable team, you can rely on them to guide and stand by you every step of the buying process.

About Us

Our team has more than a decade of experience in the local property market and is here to assist with a wealth of knowledge and skills. 

Every member of our team is experienced and capable of assisting with helpful advice as we operate under the guidance of three of the best in the global real estate industry. 

While many believe that our success is the product of our expertise in the field, we instead believe it is due to our friendly team and our straightforward approach that instills the confidence our clients require. 

Contact us directly and see how we can make your property dreams come true.

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