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Why Is Antalya Popular? Reasons To Visit Antalya

Created : 25 Apr 2022

By Justin Mays:

Antalya is a fantastic summer destination due to its rich history and stunning natural landscape. The stunning beaches and tropical climate have returning tourists during the summer. Also known as the pearl city of the Turkish Riviera, among the 10 most visited cities in the world. The city is unbelievably beautiful and is wonderful to settle down in after retirement. The residents here enjoy a lavish, comfortable, and peaceful lifestyle. Antalya is set on cliffs and overlooks the sea. The delicious food of the city and its breathtaking background make it an irresistible destination. It is said that one must visit Antalya at least once to believe in its beauty it is. Its beaches, all-year-round sunshine, and history attract thousands of international. 

Should you visit Antalya? Definitely! Not because we say it but because there is a list of reasons why it should be on your bucket list. Let's check them!

What makes Antalya unique?

Antalya is amazing because it has anything and everything. The city offers something to all. Whether you're on a luxury holiday, want to enjoy the nightlife, or reside in your retirement home, Antalya takes care of all. Turkey majors in hospitality and Antalya never disappoints. 

Perfect weather

Antalya’s pleasant weather is one of the prime reasons why tourists love this city. It offers 300 days of sunshine in a year and the surrounding areas (the Aegean and the Black Sea coasts) experience a significant drop in temperature during cold seasons. But because it's positioned between the Mediterranean sea and the Taurus Mountains, the area is protected from cold winds from the north. April, May, October, and November are said to be the best months to visit and enjoy the perfect climate. Both the summer and winter are pleasant here so you can hit the beach for that tan for about 8 out of 12 months.

Very affordable Mediterranean city

Looking for an international trip without hurting your bank balance? Antalya it is! Turkey as a whole is extremely affordable by both European and Middle Eastern standards so Antalya gets a point here too. Travelers on a budget can enjoy luxuries they can't afford in other Mediterranean countries, like France and Spain.  Antalya offers you all-inclusive hotels with the famous Turkish breakfast, 3-course meals, fancy ambiance, and even private guides. The drop in the Turkish lira has made tourism here insanely affordable. Also, there is something for every kind of traveler. You can choose from luxury resorts, spacious private apartments, and guest houses.

Everything Turkish

Antalya is great for luxury and modern lifestyle but each corner of the area is full of culture. Turkish tea and coffee to relish are everywhere, Turkish hammams dating from the old Roman baths are still gladly enjoyed and Turkish shave will bring you even closer to the Turkish culture. Not to forget, the true culture of a place is in the food so don't forget to try the traditional restaurants!

Feels like Greece

Antalya is almost like Greece on a budget. Greek influences are predominant around Antalya and its surrounding territories. Greece and Turkey have a lot more in common than you can think. You can also see many Greek islands from various locations along Turkey’s shores with the naked eye.

Delicious food

The food in Antalya has thousands of years old journey. There are Greek, African, Arab, and Mediterranean influences throughout the menu. You'll have seafood with a twist of eastern spice. We suggest you look for bakeries that serve traditional dishes such as gozleme, borek, and pide. The restaurants will serve you well-known Turkish staples like kebabs and grilled fish with some extra-sweet Turkish ice cream. Antalya is the best place in Turkey for trying the top seafood items from fresh fish, and steak to delicious local cuisines.

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List of reasons why Antalya is famous 

Antalya is the most touristy city in Turkey with the major attraction being the 640-kilometer-long coastline with gorgeous beaches and accommodations of all kinds. Not just beaches, the city offers pleasant weather, delicious food, and wealthy Roman and Greek heritage. Antalya is located between the high Taurus Mountains and the warm Mediterranean Sea and almost all streams and rivers have a waterfall on them. The city is the perfect mix of fun and history. Let's check out why Antalya is so popular among international tourists.

Roman Relics

Antalya has countless ancient. Surprisingly, if you think you've seen them all, you could be wrong. Exploring ruins is one interesting thing you can do while in Antalya. Seriously, you must visit at least one ancient region. Various Roman monuments beautify this city with their classic ruins of rich histories. Romans are known for their intricate designs and structures all over the world. The world-famous Roman theatre in Antalya can be heard from its 100 meters tall walls and 12,000 spectators spaces, which were built to be entertained by gladiator duels in ancient times. Currently, the Annual Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival is held here. Fan of sunsets? Hidirlik Kulesi is the spot for you. You might also be interested in the Phaselis, the winter quarter for Alexander the Great in 334 BC and the famous Hadrian’s Arch Gate erected in 114 AD. 

Kaleici (Old Town)

Kaleici is one of the prominent tourist places to visit in Antalya featuring red-tiled mansions, boutique hotels, art galleries, gift shops, and restaurants. The 14 m high Clock Tower is a stunning sight. The interiors of the Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque will leave you impressed. Swim and soak in the sun at Mermerli beach. It's the most charming town in Turkey with a vigorous social scene and nightlife throughout the year. Walk through the town during the day and you'll notice it's like a mosque park with people relaxing in it.

Antalya Museum

The Antalya Museum is one of the largest archaeology museums in Turkey holding traces of three of the largest ancient regions (Lycia, Pamphylia, and Pisidia). This museum is famous for its artifacts and findings from the Stone Age and Bronze Age. The museum includes 13 display halls with displays from the Paleolithic Age to Ottoman times and is the best place for history geeks to learn the real roots of Antalya. There's a special children's section with activities to encourage their interest in antiques and museums. You will be impressed with the ancient sculptures of Greek gods and goddesses, the Hercules marble statue, sarcophagi, and an interesting collection of Ottoman weapons, apparel, and artifacts from the Old Stone Age.


If you wish to add exploring caves as a part of your adventure, visit Antalya! There are quite a lot of caves in Antalya due to their geographical location and landforms. Check out the Altinbesik Cave which is the third-longest underwater cave in the world, Damlatas Cave which attracts the most tourism, and Karain Cave which takes you back to the forgotten times of Antalya. These spellbinding caves can take you not just into the histories of rulers but also describes the life of our first ancestors. The caves in Antalya are geological heritage having a world reputation. Countless local and foreign tourists come to Antalya to visit these natural wonders almost every month.


Tale half a day to visit the scenic waterfalls and relax in the captivating natural ambiance while you are in the city. The Düden Waterfalls have been widely visited Multiple boat rides are available throughout the day that gives travelers a perfect panoramic view of these waterfalls. The boat will also take you to the ancient harbor to see the Karpuzkaldiran Waterfalls. Have a nice lunch at a local restaurant with a majestic view of Antalya's Old City. Almost all areas around the waterfalls are pretty and peaceful and great for picnics.


Most of the travelers in Antalya ask about the beaches first. The city has some of the best beaches in Turkey, even the sandy ones. Almost all of them adhere to environmental and cleanliness standards. If there's fun and sun on your mind, head to the magnificent beaches. The shoreline offers some of the finest and most glamorous resorts for the vacation you have always imagined. Lara Beach has the best golden sands with a Blue Flag status (which means super clean and safe for bathing). 

Yacht Rides

One must not miss the yacht trips on a beach holiday in Antalya. A yacht tour is one of the most popular leisure activities where you enjoy the fresh sea breeze and sun. Turkey is full of natural beauty and Antalya has all of it. You will find many beautiful bays, mountains, and various natural landscapes on your ride. The Yacht rides are pretty popular for a very long time. The Turks used to enjoy the best rides of Antalya through the beautiful boats in ancient times. The Antalya Green Canyon is one place you can go for a full-day boat trip along with a hearty lunch by the sea.

Antalya is a great city for both visiting and living. The shoreline, activities, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and transport link are reasons why foreigners from all over the world love being here. If you are considering Antalya for property buying or citizenship by property investment, contact Prime Property Turkey and our team will help you with the best property choices, sales, and after-sales services.

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