Kas: Top-rated resorts in Turkey
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Kas: A city to visit for an ultimate vacation experience

Created : 04 Jan 2022
Things to do in Kas

By Justin Mays:

Kas is just a wonder, with everything that you wish a vacation resort must have, serving as a reminder that the world is worth exploring.

Kas, a Mediterranean seaside resort city on Turkey's Turquoise Coast, is located in southern Turkey. The district, which has a Mediterranean climate with dry summers and wet winters, is known for almonds and honey, as well as fruits and vegetables that thrive in that climate. The district's main source of revenue is tourism, owing to its breathtaking beaches, hotels, and shopping malls.

To get to Kash, you can fly to Antalya Airport, which has a three-hour transfer, or Dalaman Airport, which has a two-hour transfer. If you are driving, Kas is right next to the Antalya highway, which runs parallel to the coast. Public transport to the town is frequent and inexpensive and is accessible from all surrounding resorts in Kalkan, Fethiye, Sirari, and Antalya.

Shopping In Kas

Kas provides a unique shopping experience on the Turkish Riviera. it has numerous boutiques to buy handmade crafts, clothing, and ceramics that make perfect gifts for friends and family. The jewelry in Kas is of high quality and it is considered the best on the Turkish Riviera, and you can also find carpets, shoes, and local artwork.

 Long Bazaar Shopping street

Local artists often have their own shops here and offer products of higher quality than other resort towns on the Turkish coast. Artisans sell jewelry, ceramics, carpets, and other colorful creations. Andal is a leather shop with an extensive collection of leather goods. Check out Silkroadshop for valuable collectibles and materials from historic trading routes or Silver Harmoni for rings, bracelets, earrings, and more. 

Kas Pazar Market

On Fridays, residents, and visitors of Kas are spoilt with choice as farmers bring a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. Stalls of the market for local cheeses, olives, honey, and eggs will be filled with a lot of options for buyers. The market is about 12 minutes walk, north of Kas center and you can simply ask for directions from the friendly locals. When you visit the market, you have the advantage of trying the local pancakes and the yoghurt known as ayran. You should also try Rabia Ucuzluk Pazari when you go to Kas where you can find items that you need for daily use.

Nightlife In Kas

Kas has a nightlife that stands out from other resort towns that are lined up in the Turkish Riviera. The town is filled with vibrant bars boasting its own unique atmosphere. Parties carry on late into the night and a number of places host live music performances to entertain guests. If you are not a party person, you are more likely to meet lifelong friends during your nights out in Kas.

A friendly vibe is never too far away, and many popular bars and pubs are within easy walking distance, and you are sure to find a delightful atmosphere for a drink. Visit Mavi Bar or Queen Bar which offers sensational views on its rooftop terrace. If you are in the mood for a late-night coffee, try cafes like Kas Turk Kahvecisi or Cinaralti Cafe and Bistro

Places to visit in Kas

Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto is a sea cave on the Greek island of Kastellorizo, which is just a boat trip southwest from Kas. The cave itself is on the far southeastern side of the island and you will usually be able to hop off your boat and swim through a narrow opening to take in the spectacular cave in all its glory. The water is crystal clear, with beautiful blue from the refracted sunlight. The sea voyage takes approximately an hour.

 Assi Island

Assi Island is a half an hour ride from Kas that you can swim around on a single dive trip. It also has two long reefs that are home to a diverse range of marine life, with frequent sightings of sea turtles and octopuses. Besides the natural features, you may also see the ancient submerged relics such as amphorae and anchors.

Antiphellos Ancient City

Antiphellos Ancient City, with its grand centerpiece of a Hellenistic amphitheater just west of the town center, is one of Kas’ main icons. The amphitheater overlooks the sea and surrounding mountains. One of the most spectacular sunsets in Kas is to be enjoyed from the top after climbing 50 or so rows of seating to reach it.  It is one of the great outdoor events and performances venues in Kas. It is free to enter on regular days when there are no special events

Republic Square

Republic Square is one of the best places to get a first feel for Kas and make a start on your strolls through the Turkish town. The town square is colorful and surrounded by many different cafes, bistros, and bars where you can enjoy a drink or meal. Regard yourself lucky when occasional public events coincide with your visit

Beaches In Kas

Kas has a significant number of beautiful beaches dotted around this town. There is Kaputas beach, Patara beach, Big pebble beach, small pebble beach, Incebogaz Cinar, Limanagzi Bay, Hidayet Bay beach, Kas Municipality beach, and many others waiting for you to enjoy the atmosphere and explore this relaxed and off-the-beaten-track. 

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