Instagrammable Coffee Shops in Istanbul
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The Most Instagrammable Coffee Shops in Istanbul

Created : 26 Dec 2022
The Most Instagrammable Coffee Shops in Istanbul

By Justin Mays:

Is it possible that Istanbul is one of the most instagrammable cities in the world? We have no doubt. Who has not seen dozens of people posing in front of the Galata Tower? And tourists looking for the best angle to immortalize one of the mosques of the metropolis? Or travelers taking photos of the Bosphorus, or the mythical tram on Istiklal Street, or the Grand Bazaar. The options are almost endless.

It is evident that the era of new technologies and social networks have brought with them, for some, an urgent need to share what they eat, where they are, what they are watching, and who they are with. And we accept it, we accept that others share their day-to-day with us, and we accept that we also feel like doing it from time to time. It should be recognized that this overexposure also has a positive part, and it is the fact of discovering spaces that we would not know if it were not for the fact that a friend of a friend has shared a photo of it on Instagram.

Istanbul is a city full of restaurants and cafes. It couldn't be any other way, because, in a country where coffee is practically a tradition and a sacred moment, it would be strange not to find wonderful coffee shops at every turn. Some of these cafeterias stand out for their location, others for their delicious coffee, and some for their decoration. Luckily, there are some coffee shops that meet all three requirements. That makes them not only spectacular places but also the most instagrammable cafeterias.

Do you want to meet them? Below we summarize some of its most important details. We hope you like them! Oh, and don't forget to take a photo to share with your loved ones, or with your followers. 

Suflör Cafe

If there is a unique and special cafeteria in Istanbul, that is Suflör Cafe, a place located in Besiktas, a few minutes from the coast to the Bosphorus. What most attracts the attention of this cafeteria is, without a doubt, its decoration and its aesthetics. Its interior is monochrome, in black and white, all designed so that you have the feeling that you are part of a comic. The furniture has traces, simulating a relief in two dimensions. It's a show! You will not be able to avoid taking several photos.

As for what they offer, on their menu, you can find cakes, homemade lemonades, and authentic coffees. However, keep in mind that, here, the name of the site speaks more than usual. As you can imagine, their main specialty is chocolate soufflés.

La Vie Praline

And if you like chocolate, you cannot miss La Vie Praline, a cafeteria located in Besiktas where the main specialty is chocolate, in any of its shapes and sizes. They have hot chocolate for all tastes: coffee, lemon, strawberry, black pepper... They also have brownies, chocolate fondue, homemade chocolate bars... It's a chocolate spectacle!

This site, like the rest of the ones that we present to you in this blog, is also very instagrammable. To begin with, its terrace looks like something you could perfectly see in the popular TV show 'Emily in Paris'. Also, all their desserts and dishes are asking for someone to take a picture of them, because they are almost like pieces of art.

F’roses Floral Cafe

This is the most instagrammable place. F'roses Floral Cafe is a coffee shop located in the Besiktas district. It is a popular site because it is decorated with hundreds of flowers, all of them in pink and white. As soon as you enter the door, you will feel as if you have been teleported to another place, perhaps to a garden, a palace, or a charming cafeteria located in an alleyway in Paris.

On its menu, you can find traditional teas, bubble teas, coffees, sandwiches, cakes, desserts, and... roses. Isn't it surprising? Until now, we still haven't found any coffee shop that also sells flowers. We know for sure that you will love this place. 

Walter’s Coffee Roastery

We also want to show you Walter's Coffee Roastery, a cafeteria from the very same series 'Breaking Bad'. It is located in the Moda district and its theme revolves around the life of Walter, the protagonist of the aforementioned TV show. The menu looks like a periodic table, the Wi-Fi password is almost indecipherable and there are some desserts decorated with harmless syringes.

In addition, this cafeteria offers its customers the option of taking a photo in a protective suit, as if they were a real scientist or substance handler. It is an incomparable place that you cannot miss, much less if you are a fan of the series.

Sirin Firin Cafe & Bakery

Finally, we present to you Sirin Firin Cafe & Bakery, a cafeteria and pastry shop located in the Beyoglu neighborhood, very close to the Galata Tower. In this place, you can find sweets of all kinds, from the mythical San Sebastián cheesecake to the most delicious croissants, going through macarons, chocolate cakes, and other Turkish delights, such as baklava or other desserts made with pistachio.

From the outside, this patisserie looks very French. On the façade, it has various details in turquoise and very large windows, accompanied by an appetizing terrace. What makes this cafeteria an instagrammable place is, without a doubt, its views. From the terrace that overlooks the street, clients can enjoy a beautiful postcard view, with the Galata Tower in the background. It is as if one were in a film.

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