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Higher Education in Turkey

Created : 12 Aug 2022
higher education

By Justin Mays:


Yearly, thousands of students decide to study abroad for higher education. Turkey has more than 48.000 international students chosen among over 150 universities because of its high education standards.


Most universities in Turkey are public, and there are also many private universities. All these universities follow the bologna agreement, which aims to standardize all degree programs across the European continent. Another advantage of Turkish universities is that many of these tertiary education facilities participate in the Erasmus program, also known as the international student exchange program. International students can enroll for English degrees after they write an English test for free offered by the university. However, students should note that English-taught degree programs cost a little less than Turkish-taught programs. 


Which cities are best for students in Turkey


Study in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of Turkey's cultural hubs where students can learn and appreciate the culture and lifestyle of Turks. More so, the city is highly secular, and anyone can easily fit in since there are over 1 million legal foreigners. With more than 50 universities for international students, students will enjoy historical sites in the city, including the Blue Mosque, Galata tower, and the Bosphorus bridge. Some universities in Istanbul are Istanbul, Koc, Istinye, Istanbul Gelisim, and Marmara. 


Universities in Istanbul and other cities offer fitness centers, security, swimming pools, cinema, cargo, cafeteria, banks, car park, library, conference hall, and other incredible facilities that make students feel comfortable at the university campus. All university campuses have healthcare centers where students can attend medical consultations and examinations. All international students in Tukey must have health insurance that will cater to their medical needs during the education period.   


Study in Ankara

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey, located on the Anatolian side of the country, and has a lot to offer regarding quality education. Some of the top-ranking universities in the city include Cankaya University, Hacettepe University, Middle East Technical University, and Bilkent University. Whether you want a degree, Master's, or a Ph.D., Ankara has some of the most prestigious universities with knowledgeable lecturers and advanced learning equipment that makes learning more interactive and enjoyable for students. 


Studying in Antalya

Sitting on the Mediterranean, Antalya is a peaceful city where some students prefer to study. Popular universities in the city are Antalya Bilim University, Alanya Hamdullah Emin Pasa University and Akdeniz University. Students in this city most take Cyber security, Law, Computer Engineering, Psychology, and Business Administration programs. 


Study in Izmir

The city of Izmir is located Aegean coast of the country and is famous for its archaeological sites. Students prefer universities in Izmir because most have good connections with business sectors and other global universities, making it an ideal environment for personal development. Some universities in Izmir are Yasar University, Izmir University of Commerce, Ege University, and Dokuz Eylul University.  


Why Study in Turkey

Besides quality education, there are other advantages of studying in Turkey, including a commendable transport system and great places to visit during weekends like museums, historical sites, theme parks, and great restaurants. Students in Turkey benefit from many discount packages, which helps them save a lot of money. Turkey has students from different parts of the world, which benefits networking of the student community. Students can also join different clubs and facilities that update them on upcoming events where they can enjoy their time with students from other universities. 


How to Apply to a University in Turkey

Enrollment requirements for undergraduate students and postgraduates are silently different. First, you must know the degree program you need to pursue, then choose a university and check its requirements. 


Undergraduate requirements

- Application form

- High school diploma (or a paper certifying you will graduate)

- Transcript of records

- Language proficiency score (TOEFL or a university's proficiency test upon arrival). Turkish State Universities forbids universities from using IELTS as proof of English proficiency

- Motivation letter

- Certificate attesting you had a secondary school exit exam (e.g., SAT 1, International - Baccalaureate, National Baccalaureate, etc.)

- A letter that guarantees you have the financial funds to support yourself during your studies.


Graduate requirements

-Application form

- Bachelor's or Master's degree

- A statement of purpose (presenting your project and motivation)

- An updated CV

- Reference letters from professors and employers

- Transcript of records  

- Graduate exam scores (depending on the program: GRE or GMAT)

- Language proficiency score (TOEFL, or a university's proficiency test upon arrival)

- Written exams or interviews

- A letter that guarantees you have the financial funds to support yourself during your studies.


Fees for Degrees in Turkey

Prices for degree programs vary according to programs, length, and whether it's being taught in English or Turkish. Undergraduate programs are charged around 3.000 USD, and Master's degree programs are charged between 3.000 USD to 5.000 USD for the whole program. Doctoral programs are between 4.000 USD to 7.000 USD. However, prices vary from one university to the other, changing yearly. Degree programs taught in English and Turkish have different prices, with Turkish-taught degrees being less expensive. 


Applying for a Turkish Student Visa

Student visas for Turkey take time to come out, so make sure you apply at least two months before your departure date at your closest Turkish consulate or Turkish Embassy. To apply, you must have;

- A letter of acceptance before you go to apply.

- Valid passport and biometric photographs

- Proof of paid fees and accommodation (or proof that you will be staying with a friend/relative)

- Proof of financial resources

- Letter of sponsorship

- Letter of scholarship


Some universities offer discounts to international students, so visit your university of choice's website to check the discounts and payment methods. YTB is an organization responsible for giving Turkey scholarships; check it out for financial aid towards your studies. These scholarships are awarded yearly to deserving students; find out how the process goes. 


Buying a Home in Turkey

Some parents opt to buy a residential apartment in Turkey close to the university campus where their children learn. This good investment will bring income after your child has left school through rentals or resale. Cities in Turkey have many apartment options that are suitable for students, with incredible amenities, and are close to public transportation. Contact Prime Property Turkey for all your property inquiries.  

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