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Estimated Annual Costs of Property Ownership in Turkey

Created : 12 Aug 2021
Investment in Turkey

By. Justin Mays

Investment in Turkey is lucrative with high property value growth rates and affordable prices when compared to Europe and the USA. However, prior to buying a holiday home in Turkey, you should be well informed about the ongoing costs of property ownership and annual taxes. The following are costs you can expect to pay once off and annually.

Turkey’s Real Estate Taxes Fee

Before the buyer is handed over the title deed an appraisal report must be produced. Buyers should pay this directly to the Real Estate Appraisal Department of Land Registry and Cadastre. The report ranges from 1000TL to 1500TL depending on the property being evaluated and the city it is located. It takes an average of 3 days to receive the appraisal.

Title deed Charges in Turkey

A title deed is an official document that proves ownership of the property. In Turkey, the title deed is also referred to as TAPU which means property owner. It is charged at 4% of the property value. Since it is possible to have joint ownership of property, the title deed can have the name of one or two people. The buyer and the seller usually share the title deed cost but the buyer can pay the amount alone.

Turkey Property Maintenance Fee

 A maintenance fee also called aidet is levied in some apartment buildings, condos, and housing complexes. Always ask about the aidet fee when purchasing a property, it is most commonly a monthly cost that you will be required to pay whether you live permanently or occasionally in your place. The aidet amount depends on the resident’s needs and requests and the quality of service received. Luxury buildings have higher fees while buildings with basic services may only charge a small fee for cleaning shared spaces.

Home insurance for Turkey homes

Policies are reasonably priced in Turkey. One unique requirement is that Turkish law states that everyone should have an up-to-date earthquake/Natural Disaster Assurance insurance policy (DASK) which is up for renewal annually. Home contents insurance and property insurance policies are also advisable to purchase to cover any loss due to unpredictable events. It is worth receiving several quotes from brokers for insurance as the rates vary.

Real Estate Agent and Lawyer Fees in Turkey

In Turkey, the real estate agent fee is pegged at 2%. This amount is part of the selling price of the property. Some sales companies do not display the agent fee since it is inclusive of the selling price.

Lawyer fees also vary in Turkey. Make sure that you find a professional who speaks Turkish and English so that it can be easy for you to understand the terms and conditions of the real estate industry in Turkey. Prime Property Turkey has an in-house lawyer who can take you throughout your purchasing process whether you are buying online or you are in Turkey.

N.B; Prices are subject to change and the prices mentioned in this blog were valid when the blog was posted.  

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