Places to visit on Turkey Lycian Way
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Discover Refreshing Beaches, Historic and Wondrous Sites on Turkey’s Lycian Way

Created : 28 Mar 2022
Turkey Lycian Way

By Justin Mays: 

Turkey takes pride in the Turkey Lycian way, a 540km long-distance trail that lies in the Southwestern part of Turkey. This route passes through different districts of the country and 25 historical sites.

The journey which takes 29 days to complete is not a tedious one due to the magnificent views along the way which are accompanied by pine-clad mountains and strawberry trees. The beautiful blue waters and the favorable weather of this trail makes the adventure all worthwhile with beach lovers and camp goers’ needs all met at the same time.

The trail that stretches from the district of Fethiye to Antalya has a lot to offer to the visitors from the picturesque beaches, charming landscapes around the Mediterranean coast of Turkey to artistic wall paintings.

There are different places along the Lycian Way where people can visit and just have fun at any time of the year to make memories for a lifetime.


If you wish for total relaxation, Oludeniz is a perfect getaway just for you. Though the area faces different weather conditions season after season, its turquoise blue waters remain charming to the eye. You also have the advantage to experience paragliding in Oludeniz as long as you are not faint-hearted. Take part in gliding, an adventure of a lifetime by jumping 1.900 meters from the sky. 


Famous for its Christian background, Patara receives many visitors from Turkey and other countries who need to learn and appreciate the history of this place. Prophet Apollo is said to have resided in ancient Patara and Santa, St Nicholas was also born in this area. St Paul recorded in the bible took a ship to Rome from this area.

After being placed under special protection in 1990, the number of birds, wetlands, and plants in the area has tremendously increased. Patara has also become a breeding ground for loggerhead sea turtles which visit the sand beach between May and October to hide their eggs in the sand. The turtle eggs are left to hatch and grow into adulthood on their own bracing themselves through the foxes and crabs in the area. Visit Patara this summer and see the 12 miles of soft sand and gentle dunes.

Olympus and Cirali

Olympus is famous for sarcophagus and wall inscriptions that date back to the 4th century BC. Cicero a roman statesman concurred that this area is adorned with culture and art. It is a place where coins were produced in the 2nd century. Mount Olympus is on the north of Olympus city and Antique city is on the south while Mount Chimaera lies between the two. Treat yourself to a spontaneous summer at Cirali beach or Olympus beach with treehouse accommodation and fireside parties that take place at night.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley or Kelebekler Vadisi as it is known in Turkey is just but a wonder. The area which was deemed a national reserve by the Government of Turkey in 1987 has over 105 species of butterflies. The valley that plunges 1.148 feet on rock walls has an abundance of olive trees, nuts, and other fruit trees that also benefit the Faralya villagers who reside at the top of the cliffs. The area has no permanent living structures so those that want to stay overnight make use of huts, tents, and bungalows.

With electricity available only for a few hours of the day, mobile phones and laptops are kept away living the visitors’ attention totally to nature and the lapping of the waves.

There is so much more to enjoy along Turkey Lycian Way, visit Turkey and let your heart indulge. Come and experience peace of mind and total relaxation.

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