Places to Visit With the Disabled in Istanbul, Turkey
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Disabled-friendly Places in Istanbul

Created : 29 Sep 2022
disabled friendly places in Istanbul

By Justin Mays: 

Considering people with disabilities, the government and the Mayor provided the option to facilitate entertainment for everyone. Where are these places and how to get there.

Over 17 years ago, Turkey introduced Turkey's first Disability Law in 2005. In 2007 Turkey continued its commitment to improving the lives of people with disabilities by signing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). 

Social Acceptance of the Disabled in Istanbul

Slowly but surely, Turkey is changing the situation for disabled citizens by removing health care, education and livelihood barriers. Removing social stigmas, improving public services, and implementing inclusive policies, Turkey is moving from discriminatory practices to creating equal safe spaces for those with disabilities.

Progress to Accommodate the Disabled in Istanbul 

Looking to equalize services and make Istanbul more accessible for people with disabilities. Istanbul mayor Ekrem Imamoglu is one of the people making it easy for the disabled to migrate here, visit, work and move around the city.

Disabled-Friendly Transportation in Istanbul

The Istanbul metro, ferry, bus, and tram systems are wheelchair friendly and accessible in keeping with the principle that everyone has the right to access all living spaces equally. Public transportation options in Istanbul offer safe, accessible ramps, elevators and free travel cards to disabled passengers within universally accepted international standards. There are audio, physical and visual cues for those with impaired senses, including raised floor applications, braille, and guide roads.

Changes in Istanbul so far 

In Istanbul, all public institutions are required by law to be accessible to the disabled. The municipality has worked hard to make the necessary changes to make traveling throughout the city safer and accessible for those who need it. Museums (except for places like the Aya Sophia, which cannot be altered due to being a historical and unalterable space), cultural centers, shopping malls, and airports all have wheelchair-accessible restroom facilities. 

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