Celebrating 23 April Children's Day in Turkey: A Day of Joy and Pride
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Celebrating 23 April Children's Day in Turkey: A Day of Joy and Pride

Created : 23 Apr 2024
23 April Children's Day


Every year on April 23, Turkey bursts into celebrations marking a dual holiday: National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. This day is not only a public holiday commemorating the establishment of the Turkish Grand National Assembly in 1920 but also a day dedicated entirely to children, making it a uniquely heartfelt celebration in Turkey's calendar.

What is Children's Day in Turkey?

Children's Day, known in Turkish as "23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı," was first declared by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, to emphasize that the future of the new nation was in the hands of its youth. This day reflects Atatürk's profound belief in and dedication to the children as the future leaders of Turkey.

Celebrations Across the Country:

From Istanbul to Izmir, every city in Turkey turns into a festival ground on April 23. Schools host ceremonies where children perform traditional dances, sing songs, and participate in academic and sporting competitions. The day is also marked by a significant presence of children in media and politics, where children symbolically take over key roles in government and broadcast media for the day, delivering speeches that are broadcast nationwide.

The Significance of Children’s Day:

Children's Day is not just a day for fun and games in Turkey; it is a profound reflection of the country’s commitment to its children. This holiday emphasizes education, empowerment, and the importance of protecting the rights of the young. It is a day when the children feel valued and important, a rare emphasis that not many cultures around the world make.

Engagement with the Global Community:

Turkey also uses this day to strengthen international ties through children. Embassies and consulates often hold events or participate in global festivals to foster friendship and cultural exchange among the youth of different nations. This global perspective reinforces the message of unity and peace among the future leaders worldwide.


The 23 April Children's Day in Turkey is a vivid reminder of the nation’s vibrant culture and its progressive vision. As Turkey continues to celebrate this unique holiday, it sends a powerful message about the value it places on its younger generations. It's a day of joy, pride, and hope, offering an inspiring model for how nations can honor their children.

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