Buying a Car in Turkey as a Foreigner-What You Should Know
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Buying a car in Turkey as a foreigner

Created : 30 Dec 2021
How to buy a car in Turkey

By Justin Mays:

Many people prefer to use personal cars for transportation than public transport due to their convenience, flexibility, and reliability. In Turkey, foreigners are able to buy brand-new cars or second-hand cars and moreover, some foreigners have the advantage of purchasing tax-free vehicles in the country.

As long as one has a valid residence permit or a work permit, buying a car is easy. Cars for foreigners are registered through the notary and documents that are needed are:

    PassportA copy of the passport translated into Turkish and certified by the notaryResidence card in Turkey andA copy of the residence card

Car showrooms can help clients register vehicles under their name at the Traffic Department and the registration fee will be added to the price of the car later. However, if you wish to register your car yourself, submit the following to the Traffic Registration Office at the Traffic Department in the district where you reside.

    Notary sales transactionInvoice of saleHighway certificate of complianceSpecial consumption tax receiptCompulsory motor insurance

Taxes on buying a car in Turkey

When buying a car in Turkey, you should take into consideration the taxes that must be paid upon registration, and the vehicle inspection fee paid once every two years. These fees vary according to the type of vehicle such as a commercial vehicle, truck, or four-wheel drive. The car engine tax is paid once every year, and its value varies according to the car’s specifications: the size of its engine, date of manufacture, and other factors. Traffic insurance tax on the car is paid once every year and it also varies according to the type of vehicle. The tax of a vehicle is based on the price of the car, car specifications, production date, and type of car.

The vehicle registration procedures and documents required by foreigners when purchasing a new car are the same as Turkish citizens. However, a license plate from the MA to  MZ group is given to a vehicle registered by foreign nationals. A new car must be registered with the Traffic Registration Offices within three months from the date of purchase and documents required for new vehicle registration include:

    Notary Sales Invoice-Sales InvoiceHighway Compliance CertificateSpecial Consumption CertificateSpecial Consumption TaxPaid ReceiptCompulsory Traffic Insurance

There is a group of foreigners that can buy cars without tax and these are retired foreigners, foreigners who have work permits in Turkey, foreign lecturers and students (excluding language course students) and foreign staff working for NATO, and experts working for the EU. 

To get information on how you can get a Turkish driver's license or convert your foreign driver's license, read our previous blog (How to Get a Turkish Driver’s License as a Foreigner) for insight.

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