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Buy Real Estate with Crypto Currency at Prime Property Turkey

Created : 17 Mar 2022
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By Justin Mays:

When you have found that dream property and are ready to purchase, there are many ways we can make that transaction easy for you at Prime Property Turkey. This includes using crypto currency to buy that special new home or investment.

Buyers with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and/or Litecoin will find that it is a convenient process to purchase a property with Prime Property Turkey. 

What does buying real estate with crypto currency look like? 

Here is a step-by-step guide for this:

  • First the buyer changes their crypto to USDT and then transfers the USDT to an exchange company account that we have set up. The exchange will be made using the current daily rate (Crypto/USDT). 
  • We then handle all transactions with the developer or seller at the real market price in fiat currency. This process is remarkably quick and would take a couple of days to transfer, exchange, and send to the seller to get your new property deed in hand.
  • These transactions are secure. Clients can come in person so that we can accompany them to the exchange office and do the conversion and transfer in their presence. 
  • If you are abroad, when you decide to make your purchase online, we will get your appointment for the time of the exchange. 

We are happy to give references from other clients who have been through the process to add confidence and transparency in our transactions with you.

Paying with crypto currency is reliable and fast with Prime Property Turkey. We are here to make the process secure and stress-free no matter what method of payment you choose.

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