Best Shopping Malls in Istanbul
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Most Popular Shopping Malls in Istanbul

Created : 30 Dec 2022
Most Popular Shopping Malls in Istanbul

By Justin Mays:

Do you need to do some last-minute shopping before the end of the year? It has happened to all of us at some point... December 31 is approaching, we want to surprise our loved ones with a special gift but, between work and rush, the days go by, and, without realizing it, the days are over and we still haven't gotten the gifts.

Getting the perfect gift is not always easy, because there are as many options as tastes that one can imagine. Many always opt for the most basic gifts: clothes, socks, or underwear. Others try to innovate and give away kitchen utensils, experiences, or new technologies. Books, shoes, and, of course, toys for the small ones also tend to predominate.

If you are one of those who still do not have gifts, you are in luck, because if Istanbul has something they are impressive shopping centers. Below, we present five shopping centers where you will surely find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Good luck with your research!


Located in the Sisli district, Cevahir is undoubtedly the most popular shopping center in Istanbul. Not surprising, as the establishment is huge and has every store one can imagine. To give you an idea, this space was inaugurated in 2005, and from that year until 2011, it was the largest shopping center in Europe. Even now, it is considered one of the largest shopping centers in the world.

Cevahir has four floors and around 600 stores, among which you can find everything from retailers with household utensils such as English Home, to any of the Inditex stores and supermarkets such as Migros. It is a perfect place to make large purchases, although keep in mind that it is usually full of people during the weekend.


Kanyon is a modern shopping center located in the Levent district, which has more than 100 stores, a cinema, and about 40 restaurants and cafes. More than a shopping center, many refer to this space as a social center, one of the neuralgic points of the area, where events are organized several times a month.

This shopping center stands out for its beautiful architecture, as it is a large complex made up of different buildings. In addition, several popular attractions are located near Kanyon, such as Dialogue in the Dark, Dialogue in the Silence, and Xtreme Aventures Istanbul, a perfect plan to spend an afternoon with friends.

Trump Tower

Also in Sisli, we can find the Trump Towers, a commercial complex that stands out for the monumentality of its towers. This complex is made up of two towers: in one there is a shopping center and in another there are offices. The shopping center has about 80 stores of all kinds, a cinema, and several restaurants. Trump Towers is really close to the Cevahir shopping center, but it is usually a much quieter center since it is not usually as crowded during the weekend as Cevahir.

Zorlu Center

Zorlu Center is a business complex located in the Besiktas district, which has a shopping center with luxury shops, a five-star Raffles hotel, a cinema, offices, and apartments. It is a very popular space in the area, as it also has cafeterias and restaurants, all designed so that customers can enjoy a day of shopping with all possible facilities.

During the weeks around New Year's Eve, Zorlu Center usually hosts its mythical 'New Year's Village', a very beautiful Christmas market. Year after year, this shopping center places different stands at its entrance, where one can find gifts and Christmas decorations of all kinds. In addition, the building is decorated with lights and white and red colors to welcome the new year.

Istiniye Park

Located in Sarıyer, İstinye Park is a luxury shopping center known for having various outdoor areas. This establishment, which opened in 2007, has four floors and 291 stores, distributed among the 85,250 square meters in which İstinye Park stands. In addition to the shops, this mall also has a bazaar with Turkish food.

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