Best Antique Shops in Istanbul
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Best Antique Shops in Istanbul

Created : 27 Dec 2022
Best Antique Shops in Istanbul

By Justin Mays:

Antiques are part of Istanbul, almost in the same way as the mosques, the cats, or the ferries that connect the European side with the Asian one. Who hasn't gotten lost in the corridors of a market? Or between the shelves of an antique store? We already know that the metropolis is one of the cities with more history in the world, as it has lived through times and has seen events that practically escape our imagination. It is evident, then, that in a place with so much past, the huge number of ancient objects to be found is really vast.

Do you know someone who is always looking for a unique object? If you don't know him, it is possible that this "someone" is you. Some are professional collectors and others are just for a hobby. Many others are just looking for a specific object. All antiques have their charm, either for their aesthetics, for their usefulness, or for their history. In the end, most of the time, it is about being in the right place at the right time, to finally find the desired object.

And you, do you like antiques? If the answer is yes, you're in luck, because here's a market and four stores where you might find what you've been looking for for years. And if you can't find it, we are convinced that there will be other objects that will catch your attention. You never know what you can find among so many relics. 

Feriköy Flea Market

The Feriköy market is a must for lovers of antiques. It is located in the Sisli district, very close to Bomontiada, and is usually open every Sunday. It is a huge space, with dozens of corridors and hundreds of stands, where you can find any antique you can imagine.

In this market, you will be able to find stamps, jewelry, tea cups, tableware, postcards, photographs, and an infinity of old objects. Each stand has something special and it is always almost impossible to leave the market without something in your hands.

In addition to antiques, there are also several street food stands, although, if you prefer, you can also go to Bomontiada to enjoy some of its restaurants. The truth is that the Feriköy neighborhood is one of the most attractive in the area.

The Works ‘Objects of Desire’

In the Çukurcuma neighborhood, in the Beyoglu district, hides The Works 'Objects of Desire', an antique shop that no lover of vintage objects should miss. It is a super curious trade, known for housing dozens of the rarest ancient objects. So much so that some web portals describe it as "a visual storm of vintage objects".

Within the four walls of this store, you can find an encyclopedia about the mafia, figurines for wedding cakes, arcade games, vintage erotic magazines, refrigerators from the 60s, and bingo machines, among many objects. Although it is true that when we talk about antiques it seems that we only refer to the most traditional ones, this shop breaks with all that, as it has almost unique and weird relics.

Lighthouse Antique Auctions

In the beautiful and popular neighborhood of Balat, in the Fatih district, we find a place like no other: Lighthouse Antique Auctions. It's an antique store, but it's not just any store. It is an auction shop, full of interesting objects. Its owners have lamps, super old telephones, gramophones, paintings, chairs, bicycles... Well, endless objects.
Entering this store is already an experience itself, because, even if you do not decide to participate in any of the auctions, being part of them as a spectator is already an unforgettable memory. Also, keep in mind that there are many more things to do in Balat, such as having a coffee in one of its beautiful cafes or taking a walk through its colorful streets.

Modern Tarih

In Beyoglu, we can also find Modern Tarih, an antique shop that stands out for its impressive collection of objects from the Far East. This unique store offers jewelry, tapestries, hand-carved wooden doors, furniture, vases, and antique porcelain, produced in countries like China, Africa, and Mongolia. Without a doubt, this store is ideal for those who love high-quality antiques with a picturesque past.


Finally, we introduce you to Nisantaschi, a store located in Besiktas, but with more stores in other parts of Turkey and the world, such as Jordan and Germany. Walking into this store is like constantly traveling from the future to the past. It is a very peculiar place where you never know what you are going to find.

Nisantaschi mainly sells clothes, but it also has other antique objects, such as small mirrors, leaves, lamps, decorative objects, and video cameras, among many others. The clothes they sell in this store, which have been designed by themselves, perfectly show what it would be like to mix the past with the future. It is a store that fashion lovers cannot miss and that lovers of antiques should visit.

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