Most Expensive Areas Of Istanbul

The most valuable residential lands of Istanbul

Created : 30 Jan 2023
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By Justin Mays:

Istanbul is well-known as a magnificent city with a unique and glorious Bosphorus connecting Asia with Europe. Travelers and investors across the globe have their eyes set on this mega city. people from abroad are looking forward to buying residential properties in Istanbul because of the many benefits the city offers. The luxurious real estate, multicultural society, rich history, vibrant culture, unique architecture, easy access to all kinds of goods and services, and stunning views are some of the many things that make Istanbul so special.

Despite being one of the most crowded cities in the world there will never be any lacking in the hospitality of people in Istanbul. The locals are always helpful and sensitive to everyone, especially foreigners. Istanbul offers ultra-luxury opportunities for those who look for it. Thousands of luxurious properties with international standards are established in the city. 

Some of the most expensive and high-priced lands in Istanbul are in Besiktas, Sariyer, Kadikoy, Beyoglu, Uskudar, Beykoz, Sisli, Bakirkoy, and Atasehir and in this blog, we'll talk about them in detail.

What are the advantages of buying property in the expensive lands of Istanbul?

  • Because these areas are expensive and have high standards, every measure has been taken to maintain the benchmark. These properties are available in the best condition and upkeep giving you a wonderful life away from the crowd. There is safety, security, calm, and luxury that you dream of.

  • You'll have gardens, green spaces, sea views, and other areas for your contemporary entertainment. The government efforts are very visible in these areas in their modernization and development thereby increasing their importance and value. The investment opportunities in these areas are ideal for long-term financial gains.

  • Since the market is upscale, there are modern malls and fast transport lines. For students, there are famous Turkish universities, schools, and education centers. Some of the most prestigious hospitals with advanced technology are also present here. 

  • Most prominent historical sites and tourist attractions are in these areas making them more attractive for those wanting to invest in a high-end property.

Interesting facts about the most expensive areas of Istanbul

They are priced above the country average: Istanbul is very attractive in terms of real estate investment and has a very important position in foreign trade. Most national and international companies are located here making it a financial sector. This adds to its attraction and importance. Istanbul's geographical, cultural and economic stature has been reflected in its real estate prices making them higher than the country's average. 

More appealing than European cities: In 2021, Turkey was the country with the highest annual value in housing prices. With the unpredictable fluctuation in the exchange rate, it's way cheaper to acquire property in Turkey than in any European region (for both locals and foreigners).

High value due to high demand: Due to its geographical position, Istanbul has been the apple of the world's eye. It bridges the East and the West and is the capital of culture, tourism, and finance. The city attracts many foreign immigrants throughout the year. The ever increasing demand for housing in Istanbul is not matching the supply thereby increasing land prices.

The most valuable lands of Istanbul


Besiktas is the most residential district in Istanbul with the best of heritage, modernity, and sophistication. Many investors today are heading here to make good money. It has a central location with proximity to many important points and public transportation (including ferries, highways etc). Besiktas is preferred for the many privileges it offers like the wide range of shopping facilities that make it easy to purchase anything you want. Life in Besiktas is very exciting. With its happening nightlife, shopping sites, and beautiful parks it is impossible to be bored here. Being one of the central locations in Istanbul with proximity to big businesses and the Bosphorus, Beşiktaş becomes one of the most expensive residential areas in Istanbul. Located in the European part, it has top properties with amazing neighborhoods and a distinctive sea view. 


Atasehir is one of the most visited areas on the Anatolian side, where you can be close to nature and experience modern architecture. Immigrants love this district and it’s one of the most chosen destinations when buying property in Turkey. Located in the Asian part of Istanbul, its amenities make it one of the best places to buy a house and live. It's among the most modern districts in the city. Atasehir is full of all kinds of residential buildings and tall skyscrapers and many people compare Istanbul’s Atasehir with New York. You'll find numerous renowned companies and commercial holdings having their offices in the district. This makes the Atasehir district one of the most important economic hubs in Turkey. This area is growing every year and with more projects being built there. If you are looking to invest in Turkey by buying a property, it's undoubtedly an ideal choice for you. The amenities offered by the area add to the value of the property. Comfortable transport connectivity makes communicating very smooth. The presence of grand Turkish shopping malls adds to the entertainment and affects the value of the property. Two of Turkey’s top universities and big schools are located here district of Istanbul helping students with residence permits in Turkey through education. Also, there are many cafes, restaurants, and parks for recreation.


Beyoglu is one of the most beautiful and ancient areas of Istanbul. Located in the Golden Horn region (European side), it's home to the famous Taksim Square and Istiklal Avenue. With the most prestigious neighborhoods, access to all modern amenities, and connectivity to Bosphorus, it becomes a classy place to live. Beyoglu is a hotspot of economic activities due to the countless passages and good markets. You can say that it's the first destination for foreigners for high investment returns and the high-class life it offers. The region has the best of modernism with cultural values. The properties in Taksim and Uskudar areas are known for their high prices, luxury, and sophistication. You will find investment opportunities of international quality, designs, and engineering with proximity to the airport and water canal.


Bakirkoy is one of the oldest districts of Istanbul with historical texture, lively bazaars, shopping centers, a long coastline, friendly neighborhoods, and a strategic location. One can't resist taking a photo of the beautiful streets and houses. Bakirkoy is well-connected with other parts of the city through ferries, public transportation options, and roads. It is home to Istanbul’s main airport (Istanbul Ataturk Airport). Even with the closing down of the airport, there hasn’t been any notable decline in the value of properties here. With its intense business life and several big projects, Bakirkoy managed to maintain its value.  The fair center hosts numerous fairs/exhibitions every year drawing the attention of many investors to the district for luxury apartments.


The Sariyer of Istanbul is located in the European section of the city with properties overlooking the Bosphorus. The status of its properties makes the area the first to come to mind when we talk about luxury. With historical buildings of Byzantine and Ottoman architecture and buildings with modern architecture, Sariyer becomes an interesting place to live in. It also offers precious and luxury villas with sea views. If you want to enjoy nature and luxury in Istanbul, Sariyer is full of privileges with amazing and expensive residential options. You'll also find many historical and tourist attractions turning the region into a favorite destination for tourists wanting to explore. Sariyer is also known as the Bosphorus gem and is a favorite summer and weekend getaway. Some most expensive homes that stem from the Ottoman times are renowned for their unique style of wooden architecture and are most protected. The new-built luxury villas have private gardens, swimming pools, and home technology.


Located in the Asian side of Istanbul, Kadikoy is one of the best and most expensive places to live. This district is marked by its location on the Marmara Sea with direct views of the Princess Islands. It is one of the oldest districts of Istanbul rooting back to the Ottoman era. Kadikoy is one of the most influential residential areas of Istanbul with several must-see places. Visitors find Kadikoy as a district that impresses you with its coast, historical buildings, and many other beauties. Because it offers the best luxury options in Istanbul, it is also the point of attraction for real estate investors. Kadikoy makes every visitor fall in love with it with its architectural structure and exciting life. The busy area of Kadikoy also consists of Bagdat Avenue, which has an unexplainable value. The shopping malls, distinct lifestyles, and way of business make this district one of the most valued places in Istanbul.

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