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8 Reasons to stay in Istanbul

Created : 06 Oct 2021
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By. Justin Mays

Dining in Europe and sleeping in Asia, working in Asia, and while living in Europe on a daily basis, - not possible? Ask the Turks who live in Istanbul the joy of being on both continents in a single day, every day. Being one of the largest cities in the world, Istanbul connects both Asia and Europe, physically and culturally.

Reliable Transport

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “If the earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital”. With its population of 15 million, this city is more organized than many small cities in all aspects - from the transport system (land and water) which is well scheduled to cater for all its residents and visitors to its infrastructure.  

Forget the hustle and bustle of busy cities where you find it hard to get a free taxi, Istanbul has one of the best transport systems in Turkey which is scheduled to move residence all day long at the shortest possible intervals. There are taxis, the Dulmus, which are shared taxis, the Metroline, metro bus, and boats that transport people from the city’s European side to its Asian side in under 40 minutes.


Out of its 39 districts, 25 of which are in Europe and 14 in Asia, this particular district has its own peculiar aspects to offer, different from the other districts. Every day feels like a vacation with everything for everyone always lined up, from musicals such as the whirling dervishes, the Bosphorus dinner cruise with entertainment, walking tours, fortune-telling, Turkish coffee culture, astonishing panoramic Istanbul view, and a lot more family-friendly activities.  The famous traditional relaxing Turkish bath leaves you refreshed and clean is worth experiencing.

Economic Hub

Apart from the above said, Istanbul is also the economic hub of Turkey due to its central location. It is where land and sea trade routes network. This Industrial center is responsible for creating jobs through its automobile plans, food processing, hotels, tourism spots, and textile industry. Istanbul had the highest Gross Domestic Product of 30.7 % in 2019 according to the Tuk stats press release with the highest share of all economic activities in agriculture, fishing, forestry, and all other industries which makes it the economic muscle of the country 

Cultural Diversity

If you did not have a reason to stay in Istanbul, now you do. The food is delicious and different, from the savory specialties, the famous cheeses, indulging Turkish tea to the countless desserts.  The dressing is different so is the way of life for everyone due to the different backgrounds of the residents. The country carries its own 8000 years of history and has a lot to share with either its visitors and new residents.

Our understanding of the world depends on our ability to describe, hence learning Turkish is one of the fun facts for one who moves to the country. The Turkish alphabet has 8 vowels and 21conconants, compared to the English one which has only 5 vowels and 21 consonants. The language which is attributed to Turkey founder, Kemal Ataturk, has no foreign influences. The Turks have a 96% literacy rate and are proud of their language and they even use it for numbering. The Istanbulites are welcoming and caring people and always available to offer help whenever it’s needed hence one can ask his or her way around the city.

Low cost of living

In Istanbul, you can rent a house or buy property according to your budget from a 1+1 to the villa you desire. Besides accommodation, transport and food are also affordable and it makes life easier for the residence and tourist who visit Istanbul. Activities in the city can be enjoyed by everyone from entertainment to all essential services.

Historic landmarks

The city has 75 museums and has a to offer about the history of the country. Five imperial palaces can also be found dotted around the city, each with a unique history waiting to be explored. The city was the capital of four empires, the Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, the Latin Empire, and the Ottoman Empire, hence its history is rich and carries the remains of these four. Christian Louboutin also said that “Istanbul is inspiring because it has its own code of architecture, poetry, music”. The unique architecture of the country can the fully gazed at from the Galata tower. Famous places in Istanbul do not require a lot of money to enjoy that’s why Istanbul remains one of the best holiday destinations for many people.


Tourism has improved in Istanbul over the years owing to the incredible shopping experience that the city offers. With more than 100 shopping malls, the city gives a variety of brands offering great experiences to every shopper. From home goods, clothing, cosmetics, food, there are a variety of choices to pick from. Brands from around the world can be found in these malls and in good supply for those who want to buy for resale. The famous grand bazaar is known for its heaven-on-the-earth shopping experience and is famous for selling incredible Turkish-designed clothing, cutlery, carpets, and many more.

Turkish food

From Turkish street food to delicious cuisine, Turkish food is known for its uniqueness. The Turkish coffee and tea culture, which is offered for free in some places as a sign to say welcome has an amazing taste. Istanbul has a wide selection of nuts and desserts sold at affordable prices at restaurants and at street corners.  There is also a spice bazaar, which is known for selling spices of all kinds which makes cooking and eating a delightful experience.

Istanbul’s nightlife is lively. The fact that the city is safe and transport is always available, makes many tourists want to visit Istanbul year after year.

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