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Istanbul is one of the top places where investors buy property in Turkey and apartments dominate the market. From custom-built to turnkey apartments there are truly dream homes for everyone.

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Populated with nearly 16 million people, Istanbul straddles Europe and Asia and connects the Mediterranean and Black seas via the Bosphorus. A mosaic of distinct neighborhoods spreads out over 5,300 square kilometers, each with its own identity. The city's blend of historic and modern architecture, cultural and business enterprises, and lively street culture pulse with energy. The surrounding green hills that spill down to the blue waters of the Bosphorus make Istanbul one of the most beautiful places in the world. Istanbul is the main transport hub of the country with two airports conveniently located on both the European and Asian side. It is home to much of the major economic activity in Turkey with multiple business districts catering to local and international firms. .

Sense of security :

Overall Turkey is a very safe place to live. Istanbul is one of the world's largest cities and despite its size is exceptionally safe when compared to other metropoles. Scams and theft would be the most likely issues you would encounter. Most crimes are not violent and with common sense and safety precautions you should not face any issues in Istanbul.

Making sure you have top-of-the-line locks and doors will help prevent home theft in apartments. Do not let strangers in your building. There are good home alarm systems available with subscription service and if you have an apartment that is part of a gated community, there will be guards and cameras for 24/7 protection. Driving in Turkey can be challenging, and we recommend driving defensively.

Amenities :

Most villas have home security systems and are in gated communities with guards and cameras for 24/7 protection. Driving in Turkey can be challenging, and we recommend driving defensively.

Apartments with any and all amenities the buyer wants can be found. First, you should decide if you want a secured building with a doorman or an apartment in a gated community. Your other option is to buy a stand-alone unit in a building. Apartments in gated communities have amenities like shared pools, gyms, playgrounds, and parking. Some developments also have shared communal areas allowing for residents to socialize with their neighbors and shopping malls and restaurants are part of the development. Apartments in the most exclusive developments have concierge services.

Apartments can offer the same lavish lifestyle you can find at five-star hotels. There are apartments available with multiple bedrooms and floors, ensuite options, modern kitchens and terraces, balconies, saunas, hammams, and more. Top-quality white goods and construction materials are used in newer builds including luxury goods like marble and name brands. Prime Property Turkey will help guide you to the perfect property to suit your needs in Istanbul.

Property Aesthetics :

There are a multitude of apartment styles to choose from, consider different styles like lofts, studios, duplexes, and more. Historical areas of Istanbul will have apartments with original features like wooden floors, high ceilings and crown molding whereas there are many contemporary options in brand new developments. You can find spectacular views from the top of skyscrapers or choose something lower to the ground with green space. There are unique pockets of architectural styles throughout the city like wooden homes that have been divided into apartments and huge developments on the outskirts of the city. You also have the option of buying an older build and renovating it to suit your style.

Affordability :

Apartments in Istanbul vary widely in price. With just $75,000 USD you can gain residency and although it is becoming more unusual you can still find apartments for under $100,000 USD in the areas further away from the city center. From the lower price point, you could also pay millions of dollars for an apartment in Istanbul in the most desirable neighborhoods and projects. Budget-minded investors can also investigate off-project buys and older units in developing areas in the city.

Urban living in Istanbul :

Settle into the fast-paced life of Turkey's largest city with your very own apartment unit. With excellent transportation, entertainment, and professional and educational opportunities Istanbul is really the epicenter of the country where you can find everything. A world-class city that offers up a diverse array of lifestyle options has been beckoning people from around the world for centuries.

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