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Retiring? Why you should focus on Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast

Created : 17 Mar 2021
Citizenship by Investment in Turkey

By. Justin Mays

Considering retiring abroad? Turkey ticks all the boxes for a wonderful place to spend your golden years. Let’s examine what makes coastal Turkey a secure place to retire. 

Housing- If you are looking for the quintessential Mediterranean lifestyle at an affordable price, you will be spoiled for choice in deciding where to settle between Fethiye Properties, Kalkan villas and more. The value of real estate in Turkey is relatively cheap compared to more developed nations especially outside of its big cities like Istanbul. Utilities and property taxes are also competitively priced and there are good opportunities to invest in properties in Turkey as a means of rental income.

 Legal Residence-Turkey’s residence permit process is straight forward, and you can obtain a renewable one-two year permit relatively easily. Alternatively, you can choose to participate in the Citizenship by Investment Turkey scheme for only $400,000 and three years of property ownership to apply for a Turkish passport. Processing time on the coasts is generally faster than megalopolis Istanbul. 

Social Life-Turks are hospitable and love welcoming foreigners. There are well established expat communities too. Turkey is a medley of cultures and an optimal place to fit into the local scene while enjoying creature comforts from home. There are cultural activities, rich natural and historical areas to explore and recreational facilities to enjoy in your leisure time. 

Climate-Turkey has a temperate climate, and the Southern coastal areas are sunny. Mild Mediterranean winters make it a year-round destination. Turkey also has multiple climate zones so if you want to explore further in the country you can find other seasonal experiences as well. 

Healthcare- It is no longer a secret, access to affordable, professional healthcare is the norm in Turkey. With a booming medical tourism industry people from all over the world come here to get treated in world class facilities. There is always an open pharmacy and common medications are easy to find, often without a prescription.  Quality and well-priced healthcare is available throughout the country.

Security-The US Dept of State has assessed the overall crime situation as a low-threat in Turkey.

Cost of Living- A country has to be affordable to be a great retirement spot. Favorable exchange rates with the Lira make healthcare, food, transportation extremely affordable in Turkey and goes even further outside of major urban areas. Your pension will certainly cover your expenses with room to spare for entertainment.  You can live a very good life on a budget in Turkey. 

There is something for everyone in Turkey. Choosing your dream property in Turkey at an absolute bargain price is exciting. It is all about feeling at home. It might seem daunting to do all of the necessary research to secure your life after work and find people you can trust during the process. Our experienced team is here to help you with the exhilarating business buying a property in Turkey to best suit your needs.

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