"Resell vs. New Projects in Istanbul: Top 6 Reasons to Choose Resell Properties"
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Why Resells Are Currently a Better Opportunity than New Projects in Istanbul

Created : 26 Aug 2023
Why Resells Are Currently a Better Opportunity than New Projects in Istanbul

Why Resells Are Currently a Better Opportunity than New Projects in Istanbul

When you dive deep into the real estate market of Istanbul, a fascinating trend emerges. The allure of new projects in this vibrant city has recently lost some of its sheen. More astute investors recognize that resell properties offer a golden opportunity, especially when compared to the skyrocketing prices of new developments. In this blog post, we'll uncover why investing in resell homes for sale in Istanbul might be your best real estate decision.

Significantly Lower Prices

First and foremost, the numbers don't lie. New project prices are significantly higher than resell units in Istanbul. It's like shopping for a brand-new car and realizing that a slightly older model with minimal wear offers far better value for money. When you look at apartments in Istanbul, especially in sought-after areas like Gokturk, Kemerburgaz, and Beylikduzu, you'll notice the attractive price points of resell units.

Immediate Return on Investment

New projects often come with the caveat of waiting. The construction phase, approval processes, and countless other factors can delay your ability to see a return on your investment. Resell properties, especially those in established neighborhoods like Kadikoy, Besiktas, and Sarriyer, allow for immediate occupancy or rental, offering a quicker ROI.

Matured Neighborhoods

While new projects often boast state-of-the-art amenities, they are frequently situated in developing areas where infrastructure and community are still budding. Opting for resell apartments in Istanbul means you're investing in mature neighborhoods. Areas like Kadikoy and Besiktas are renowned for their vibrant community feel, eclectic mix of culture and well-established amenities.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

A key aspect that resonates with many foreign investors is the Turkish Citizenship by Investment program. Buying properties for sale in Istanbul can be your gateway to Turkish citizenship, and resell properties makes this path even more affordable. You can seamlessly navigate the citizenship route by ensuring you meet the required investment amount in areas like Gokturk or Kemerburgaz.

More Room for Negotiation

Developers of new projects often have fixed prices with little room for negotiation. In contrast, individual sellers of homes for sale in Istanbul might be more open to negotiation, giving you a better deal, especially in regions like Beylikduzu and Sarriyer.

Historic Charm with Modern Conveniences

Istanbul is a city where history meets modernity. Some resell properties come with historical charm that new projects can't replicate. Investing in such homes, especially in culturally rich neighborhoods, combines the allure of history with the conveniences of modern living.


While new projects have appeal, the current market dynamics make resell properties for sale in Istanbul a compelling choice. Whether for personal use, rental income, or securing Turkish Citizenship by Investment, the benefits of opting for resell apartments in Istanbul are numerous. As you consider your next move in Istanbul's real estate market, consider these insights and make a decision that offers value and growth potential.

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