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Buy 3 Bedroom Villa For Sale In Gocek Under $1 Million

Invest in Luxurious Villas in Gocek

The Turquoise Coast of Turkey attracts investors with its high-quality property developments. With the stunning natural environment as the backdrop for holiday and year-round homes, most of the builds are villas. Luxury villas in Gocek offer spacious rooms, gardens, and more for wise investors looking for affordable prices.


The property is located on the hillside above Göcek ,It is comprised of 3 en-suite bedrooms, as wel....

More Information About Buy Villa For Sale In Gocek :

Location :

Few spots on the globe rival Gocek for upmarket living and natural beauty, making it a wonderful place to buy real estate in Turkey. Located among pine-clad mountains, Gocek is at the intersection of the dazzling Aegean and Mediterranean Seas making it one of the world's top yachting destinations. Located in Mugla province, Gocek is easily accessible by sea or car on the D400 highway. The closest airport is Dalaman, which is a mere 25 kilometers away. Its busy harbor is in a secluded bay surrounded by islands. The town moves at a relaxed pace and is fully serviced to provide for the many people who come to visit the chic hotels and enjoy the many boating opportunities. Gorgeous Gocek offers tranquil living for those with refined taste.

Sense of security :

Overall Turkey is a very safe place to live. Less populated than other areas of the coast, Gocek's small size offers serene secure living. Life here is more private.

Most villas have home security systems and are in gated communities with guards and cameras for 24/7 protection

Amenities :

Villas offer consumers any imaginable amenity they may seek. Typically, villas are in gated communities offering top security. The majority have large gardens that include private parking, pools, and BBQ areas to maximize your outdoor living enjoyment. Some developments also have shared communal areas allowing residents to socialize with their neighbors.

Villas offer the same lavish lifestyle you can find at five-star hotels. There are villas available with multiple bedrooms, ensuite options, modern kitchens and terraces, balconies, saunas, hammams, and more. Top-quality white goods and construction materials are used in newer builds including luxury goods like marble and name brands. Prime Property Turkey will help guide you to the perfect property to suit your needs in the Gocek area.

Property aesthetics :

From modern design to cozy wooden structures, with our guidance, you can find your favorite home aesthetic in Gocek. Newer villas are in excellent condition, and with Turkey's low construction costs, it is cost-effective to renovate older ones if necessary. There are excellent local architects for any changes you desire, and new builds are sleek with all the modern comforts you need. The location and outdoor living spaces enhance the beauty of the property by encapsulating everything that sea lovers, boaters and people who appreciate pristine nature want.

Affordable :

Compared to other elite yachting areas worldwide, Gocek is very affordable. It is a bit more expensive than some other coastal areas in Turkey because of the exclusive clientele that frequent its shores. On average you can find an exceptional villa for $350,000 USD that can suit a family of four while the top villas can run into the millions of dollars. On the lower end expect to pay around $150,000 USD for a villa. For a $400,000 property investment, you, your spouse, and children under 18 are eligible for Turkish citizenship. There is a steady trickle of international and domestic tourists that frequent Gocek so you can anticipate high demand if you choose to rent it out. Year-on-year price increases have been growing at high rates in the Gocek area.

Luxury living in the heart of the Turquoise Coast :

Gocek's pristine marina is full of yachts and surrounded by green islands attracting a wealthy clientele. Environmental protections ensure that the area's natural beauty and clean sea will remain for generations to come. The Gocek area features striking beaches, a top-notch marina, a gourmet food scene, and luxury hotels, making it a favorite with travelers and second homeowners. Its amenities are set among the sapphire blue waters of Turquoise Coast attracting those who love the access to luxury living with the benefits of access to nature.

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