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Buy 3 Bedroom Villa For Sale In Fethiye Under $300.000

Invest in Affordable Villas in Fethiye

If you wish to live life to the fullest, investing in a property that increases your comfort is a priority. Among different property types, including apartments, duplexes, penthouses, and bungalows, villas come at the very top of the list when it comes to recommendations. There are various reasons why people prefer villas, and Turkey has luxurious, breathtaking villas that also come at an affordable price. Continue to read if you want to know more about the urban lifestyle offered by villas in Turkey's real estate-rich province, Fethiye.


Calis is located in the district of Fethiye which sits in Turkey’s Mediterranean. It is known for ....


This under-development multi-villa project is located in the Ciftlik neighborhood, which is a favori....

More Information About Buy Villa For Sale In Fethiye :

Location :

Fethiye has some of the best residents in Turkey, and investors have been interested in the province for some time, building more stunning villas with contemporary designs making this location a target for those who want elegance. If you buy property in Fethiye, you are guaranteed that those you share the neighborhood with have the same values as you, including class, privacy, and quality living standards.

Sense of security :

Fethiye is a province with high security. Whether the property is in a gated community or a secluded area, there is some form of security, either security guards or 24-hour CCTV security. The homes have innovative smart home systems that help record and regulate the people who come to the residence. Whether you are buying the property for investment, citizenship, or a retirement home, you will be guaranteed that your property and loved ones are safe at all times. These villas offer peace and serenity as their unique selling point.

Amenities :

Regarding amenities and luxury living, villas are the go-to. Some of the facilities that come with villas include a private swimming pool and private car park, library, barbeque area, flower garden, seasonal fruit trees, spacious balconies and terraces, guest bedroom, cleaner's bedroom, and sauna, to mention a few. All the luxuries one expects to find at a five-star hotel are found at villas in Fethiye to enjoy with family and friends any time of the day. Prime Property Turkey ensures that you invest in a property that ticks all your boxes, from the material used for the construction of the villa right to the onsite facilities the property has.

To add to this, when you buy a villa, you have the freedom to decorate and enhance the ambiance of your property as you please, unlike apartments that might come with specific rules regarding the social areas, shared areas, and even the parking spaces. The outdoor area, up to 3.000m2, can be used for outdoor activities and family events.

Property aesthetics :

Villas in Turkey are becoming more and more advanced when it comes to aesthetics. The apartments have futuristic designs that proceed with standard exceptions. These world-class residents have lavish and thoughtful designs to meet the expectations of their different clientele. Whether looking for a furnished home or not, Fethiye has all kinds of cozy living spaces. Enjoy beautiful green hues from the balcony and incredible picturesque backdrops. Live in harmony with nature and the sea while enjoying life to the fullest in the tranquil neighborhoods of Fethiye.

Affordable :

Villas in Fethiye might be cheaper than you think. Typically villas start from 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms to accommodate a medium size family at a value of 350.000 USD. Considering the property's land area, neighborhood, and amenities, this is an investment not to miss. Property worth 400.000 USD is suitable for Citizenship in Turkey, and your spouse and children under 18 years are guaranteed Turkish Citizenship by making this investment. This property has a high return on investment if one wishes to rent their property or transform it into Airbnb. Considering the high number of tourists that visit Turkey and Fethiye in particular, investing in a villa for renting will bring significant benefits to the owner.

Incredible Views :

Fethiye has gorgeous views that residents can enjoy from their balconies, terraces, and home. Whether you want a forest, sea, or beach view, this city has it all. Fethiye is located southeast of Marmaris and has the most famous international marina. Tourists also enjoy visiting the area because of its incredible, jaw-dropping sites. The residents enjoy boat rides, museums, beaches, and nearby areas such as Saklikent, also known as the hidden city where you can have fun with the family while creating lifetime memories.

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